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Meet the Packers: Green Bay fan takes wife's name

Some men spend their life obsessing about their family name. How can it be established? What should it represent? How will it carry on? Ryan Holtan-Murphy never worried about any of that. He just likes the Packers.

Like many men his age, Ryan spent a portion of his single years in bars, looking for a good time -- and if things broke right -- a good mate. One day at a karaoke establishment in Madison, he met a fetching woman named Marie. Marie Packer.

"Marie is beautiful, strong, hilarious. And then she told me her last name," he told ABC's Good Morning America. "I didn't believe her and made her show two forms of ID and a credit card."

The name was legit and the relationship took off from there. The two lovebirds married last weekend and Ryan took the ultra unorthodox move of taking his wife's maiden name. Holtan, Murphy and the hyphen that bonded them was all gone. In its place -- Ryan and Marie Packer. He called it a "no-brainer" to take Marie's name.

The couple married in a Packers-themed celebration atop Willis Tower in Chicago. The groom slipped into a custom Green Bay suit for the afterparty. We wish the Packers the very best.

"We're the Packer family now," he said.

Congrats guys ... though now we need the children to become Bears fans to really spice this thing up.

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