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Matthew Stafford can't block and/or slide

Matthew Stafford has one of the best throwing arms in the NFL. This is why he's a very rich man who has been entrenched as the starting quarterback of the Detroit Lions for seven years and counting.

What the Lions do not pay Stafford to do is block. He is bad at it. He should probably just get out of the way. Here's Stafford trying to road grade for Ameer Abdullah. Titans linebacker Avery Williamson will laugh about this with his grandkids one day.

You know what else the Lions aren't paying Stafford to do? Run the football through an angry secondary of people trying to destroy him. Stafford picks up some big yardage on a scramble then lands like a jetliner into the Hudson. Where's Sully when you need him?

This has been an entertaining Matthew Stafford game.

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