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Marshawn Lynch plays chicken with bus in Scotland (?)

Marshawn Lynch never did make that comeback many people expected this season. So what's he up to?

Not a hell of a lot it seems. Well, besides cheating death in small Scottish villages.

Yes, that's one of the greatest running backs of the past 20 years, riding the wrong way down a rain-slicked road, popping a wheelie, then swerving out of the path of a bus at the last possible second.

Lest you think that this is not Marshawn Lynch, the former Seahawks star, here's some indisputable visual confirmation.

Resident NFL Media Brit Henry Hodgson likened this cameo to Cristiano Ronaldo pedaling his BMX through my small New York hometown.

The Gazette, a newspaper serving Paisley and surrounding areas, reported that Lynch was filming at the Houston Kiltmakers shop. Lynch's presence at Houston Kiltmakers could be connected to the Super Bowl being played in Houston next month. This seems a long way -- literally and figuratively -- to go for a joke, but we'll reserve judgment until we see it.

Be careful, Marshawn. You ran over many defenders in your day, but you will not win a collision with a bus. OK, you probably won't win a collision with a bus.

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