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Marshall: Jets' season was like sitting in a dirty diaper

The New York Jets are picking up the pieces -- or jettisoning some outright -- after a 5-11 season that counts among the most disappointing campaigns in franchise history.

Hey embattled team leader Brandon Marshall, how would you characterize another lost year for Gang Green?

"The best way I can describe it is, having a diaper on and never changing it. And just sitting in that diaper the whole year," Marshall said on Tuesday's airing of Inside The NFL on Showtime. "That's how our year was. It was a bad year."

The Jets started their season with a 23-22 home loss to the Bengals in which they missed an extra point and had a chip-shot field goal blocked. Two weeks later, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw seven interceptions in a loss at Kansas City that included an argument between Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson that Darrelle Revis later said left a "dark cloud" over the team.

The season spiraled from there. The Jets never won more than two in a row and lost five games by at least 21 points.

So Marshall's right, the diaper got dirty quick. And to extend this scatological analogy a bit further, Todd Bowles proved incapable of changing the Huggies. Or, to take it in yet another direction, the Jets -- with no Super Bowl appearances since the 1968 season -- have been unable to get out of diapers for the past 49 years. They're an old guy in diapers. That's no good.

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