Mark Ingram keeps it real on subject of air conditioning

It's getting to that time of year in New Orleans, when the temperature rises and it feels like you can melt into a puddle on the sidewalk at any moment.

Saints running back Mark Ingram is by now quite familiar with the weather patterns of the Crescent City and its surrounding areas. And that's why Ingram knew there was no time to waste when the central air conditioning in his home ceased to function.

Predictably, some Twitter followers took this viewpoint as a sign that Ingram was just another millionaire athlete who's lost touch with the common man. Hardly, Ingram contended. Dude was just sticky as hell. Respect the honesty!

Ingram was a man of his word. After the repair man finished his task, Ingram took the time to show some love.

Mark Ingram seems cool. Both in terms of his general demeanor as well as his core temperature after the transaction was completed.

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