'Madden' foretold Falcons would win Super Bowl

I remain fairly confident the robots are going to get us one day. I've thought this since Skynet became self-aware. I don't feel any better about the fate of humanity after learning of the improving simulation abilities of Madden.

The story begins in August, when Will Brinson of CBS Sports simulated the entire 2016 season during a test-drive of Madden NFL 17, the latest offering from the venerable gaming franchise. In the simulation, the Falcons came out on top, defeating the Steelers in Super Bowl LI.

Remember, nobody -- as in nooooooobody -- was picking the Falcons for greatness this season. But the machine knew. Here's what Brinson wrote last summer:

This is the beauty of fake football. Anything can happen? I'm not saying I will literally eat one of my shoes if the four teams in the championship games are the Steelers, Jaguars, Falcons and Saints but, actually eff it, I'll eat a shoe if that happens. Screenshot it and hold me to it.

This is not good, humans. Madden came within one Steelers dud in Foxborough of nailing the Super Bowl teams! I checked in with Will, a good dude and friend of the Around The NFL Podcast, about his shoe situation.

For the record, the Falcons beat the Steelers, 41-35, in Will's simulation. So the robots even knew that Matt Ryan would have this spiritual and physiological revolution. We gotta pull the plug. Like, all the plugs.

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