Lions realize they shouldn't have playoff banners

When Detroit Lions fans look up at the rafters of Ford Field this season, they'll no longer have a team-dictated reminder of how remarkably unsuccessful the team has been in the past half dozen decades.

The Detroit Free Press reported that team president Rod Wood revealed Wednesday that the Lions have opted to remove the playoff banners that had previously hung in the upper reaches of Ford Field. Wood told media members about the decision during a tour of the 15-year-old facility, which has recently undergone a $100 million renovation.

The Lions had been criticized for hanging banners, which unintentionally acted as a reminder of the team's long-standing futility. The Lions have won just one playoff game since 1957, a tragic fact that ensured a return engagement for the franchise in our latest edition of the Pain Rankings.

Detroit had banners for one-and-done postseason cameos in 2011 and 2014, and fresh signage commemorating (?) their 26-6 loss to the Seahawks in January's Wild Card playoffs could have debuted in September.

But now, Lions brass has fallen into the embrace of sweet, sweet commonsense. (Hey Colts, take note.)

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