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Let's watch an insane Randy Moss highlight

It's one of the last slow summer days on the NFL calendar, so let's go ahead and watch an insane Randy Moss highlight, shall we?

This one came to our attention via NFL Reddit. Behold the pure athletic genius.

George Foster is right: For a generation of fans who didn't support the Vikings or Patriots, there was no scarier sight than Randy Moss galloping through a secondary with his right hand in the air. That gesture made the complicated sport of football so simple: Throw it to me right now and we score a touchdown. No muss, no fuss.

It's hard to argue against Jerry Rice as the best wide receiver of all-time, but it's equally difficult to claim that Randy Moss in full flight wasn't the most physically dominant wideout of his generation -- and perhaps any other.

Kinda makes you wonder if the then-Tennessee Oilers regret taking Kevin Dyson five picks before Moss went off the board in the 1998 NFL Draft. Think Moss would have gotten that last yard?

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