Let's speculate on what exactly it is that 'Zeke does'

The Dallas Cowboys have a league-high seven players participating in the Pro Bowl, a group that includes star rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and three of his stud offensive linemen: Tyron Smith, Zack Martin and Travis Frederick.

The festivities leading up to the Sunday game allows Elliott to spend some quality time with his invaluable blockers. This is good, since Elliott and the linemen don't tend to run in the same social circles.

Hmmmmmm ... what is it that "Zeke does"? Let's take a crack at it:

» Build churches for underprivileged nations in Africa

» Work under a pseudonym at an inner-city food bank

» Develop agricultural solutions to aid farmers in developing countries

» Post up at a busy intersection and help old people cross the street

» Launch and operate a peace and human rights non-governmental organization

» Take in dozens of stray cats as a halfway home before formal adoption 

» Start charity to help preserve artistic and cultural heritage of North Dallas region

» Go to a bunch of clubs and hang out with hot chicks

OK, yeah, it's probably the last one.

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