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Let's all congratulate Odell Beckham on UNC's big win

Tony Romo might have done his best to steal the University of North Carolina's thunder, but let's take a breather here to salute the Tar Heels on their NCAA championship win on Monday night. We're sure this gesture of goodwill will resonate richly with the entire student body.

MichaelĀ Jordan might be UNC's most famous alum/fan, but Monday's final against Gonzaga found another household name cheering for the ACC giant. Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was bleeding Carolina blue in Glendale.

Here's Beckham struggling to produce a compelling Snapchat entry shortly after UNC's win:

And here's Beckham basking in the post-victory glow on the court.

I know what you're thinking: What the hell does Odell Beckham have to do with the University of North Carolina? Beckham attended LSU and is a native of Baton Rouge, approximately a 900-mile drive to Chapel Hill. Are we dealing with a high-level bandwagon situation here?

Beckham insists this isn't the case. Here's what he told USA Today before the semifinals (he was at that game, too):

"I always said if I ever was to play basketball or pursue basketball, the only way is if I had an offer from UNC to play basketball," he said. "I went to Roy Williams' camp when I was younger. I still remember walking in there and everything like that. I've just always been a UNC fan."

After the UNC victory, Beckham reflected on the moment.

"Man, seeing the confetti coming down. Just knowing that the love and everything you have in college for your sport and what you put behind it and what the national championship represents to them, it's an amazing feeling. I had chills the whole time."

I'm not sure what the hell is going on here. Let's just move on.

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