LeBron: Was it fair when Cowboys added Deion?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a very good team in a very bad way right now.

They will enter Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night in a 3-0 hole. No team has ever overcome that deficit in the NBA. The Cavs dug themselves out of a 3-1 hole to dethrone the Warriors last June, but that was a different year and this is a different opponent (hello Kevin Durant).

The Warriors are undefeated in the playoffs and have won 30 of 31 overall, prompting questions in NBA circles that Golden State has built an unstoppable superteam whose acquisition of Kevin Durant was detrimental to the league. When asked about the NBA's Warriors "problem" on Thursday, James used an NFL analogy involving his favorite team.

"If you have the opportunity to do that, is it fair that the Cowboys added Deion Sanders?" James asked. "It happens. It's sports. If you have the opportunity to sign one of the best players and you can do it, go 'head and do it. Why not? If I become an owner, I'm gonna try to sign everybody."

The NFL and NBA have very different structures to their salary cap, and the Warriors have done a masterful job finding a way to build what amounts to a travelling All-Star team while remaining under the cap. Can anyone think of an NFL team that draws groans for continuing to add star power to a loaded roster?

Yes, the Warriors and Patriots have a lot in common and it starts with smart people making the decisions up top.

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