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Kraft: Lifting Brady jersey like taking a great Picasso

Tom Brady's jersey is still missing, and based on the most recent comments from Patriots owner Robert Kraft, it sounds like the merch was legitimately pilfered rather than sitting at the bottom of a laundry pile in Foxborough.

"It's very sad to me that someone would do something like this, and it's like taking a great Chagall or Picasso or something. You can never display it," Kraft said Tuesday on Fox Business Network's Mornings with Maria, per the Boston Herald.

"And somehow, I feel there'll be some news that'll clear this up in the not too distant future I hope it'll be cleared up soon. I think that a lot of people spend a lot of time looking into the matter and what happened, and I'd rather not say anything that would cause any problems in the work that's been done. One way or another that jersey will be back."

That comment near the end is a likely allusion to the work of the Texas Rangers -- no, not them -- who very publicly got involved in the search for the jersey, which disappeared shortly after New England's miracle comeback in Super Bowl LI.

Kraft's comments are a little more sober in nature than when he first learned of the missing property in the Patriots locker room at NRG Stadium. The End Around was there when it happened. DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER THAT? CAN YOU SAY I HAD THIS FIRST ON TWITTER?

OK, let's say you stole the jersey. It's crumpled in a ball in the back of your bedroom closet right now. What do you do? It's way too hot to take it to a thrift shop. A trip to the black market and you're unconscious in an icy bathtub without the jersey -- or your kidneys. If you turn it in, you're doing the right thing, sure, but you leave yourself open to several damaging spins through the 24-hour news cycle -- not to mention possible criminal charges.

Your possession of No. 12 is a Catch-22. Now you've really done it.

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