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Kevin Love an intriguing Browns quarterback option

I know the Browns believe in Cody Kessler, and I'm aware they have a developmental prospect in second-round pick DeShone Kizer. They even have Brock Osweiler, though that feels like the most doomed quarterback/team pairing since the Jets caught a case of Tebowmania.

Cleveland has options at quarterback, no one denies that. But what they really need is a solution. And I have an idea.

Sign Kevin Love.

The Cavs power forward throws easily the most accurate deep ball among professional athletes in Cleveland. Be serious now, how many of the 26 starting quarterbacks since the Browns' '99 reboot make that pass? Six of them? Three? Osweiler might injure a kid sitting in the 10th row.

Love made poor Marcus Smart look like Rahim Moorein the 2012 AFC Divisional Playoffs.

And I know what you're thinking: "Dan, you total moron, how can Kevin Love pilot the Cleveland Browns next season when the Cavs' season starts in late October?"

A tricky situation, but not an impossible one if you understand how little top-flight NBA teams care about the regular season. Just look at the Cavs. They cared so little about the 82-game schedule that they let the Celtics take the No. 1 seed in the East. Then they beat the Celtics in Boston by a combined 312 points in the first two games of the conference finals. I'm almost certain the Cavs lost last night just for fun.

The Browns and Cavs can work out an arrangement that allows Love to play with the Browns as long as their season lasts. Then -- after a month or so of rest/recuperation time (quarterback is a physically demanding position, obviously) -- Love can join the Cavs for the second-half of the season and the inevitable playoff run that follows.


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