Justin Tucker drills 75-yard FG in Pro Bowl practice

Though it flew a bit under the radar -- things involving kickers tend to do that -- Justin Tucker might have had the best season in the history of the position in 2016.

Justin Tucker converted 38 of 39 field goals with his lone miss coming on a blocked attempt. He was 10-of-10 from 50-yards plus, which tied an NFL record. He was also perfect on 27 extra points, not insignificant in today's game. Tucker earned his spot on the first-team All-Pro team as well as a no-brainer selection to the Pro Bowl.

Tucker caught some heat last year for claiming he could make an 84-yard field goal in Denver. We don't know about all that, but we're sold he can make a 75-yarder in Orlando. In fact, there's proof ...

Matt Prater owns the NFL record for the longest field goal in a game, a 64-yard boot when he was a member of the Broncos in 2013. Tucker's 75 came off a tee, in perfect conditions with no pass rush, but you have to figure he can beat Prater's record if given a chance or two in a game that counts.

Finally, some perspective on just how far a 75-yard field goal is. This ball is from the far 35-yard line. With Justin Tucker, you can score without a drive. Somewhere, Brock Osweiler looks up and says, "Hey, let's get that guy."

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