Jordan Rodgers scores big on 'Bachelorette' finale

It's a touchdown for Jordan Rodgers on The Bachelorette.

(I hate myself.)

Jordan, the younger/estranged brother of Packers superstar Aaron, outlasted the competition and proposed to JoJo during Monday night's season finale of the ABC reality staple. (She said yes.) Rodgers pulled this off despite being the clear second choice of JoJo's family, who viewed the vanquished Robbie as a safer pick for matrimony.

No matter. The Us Weekly wants what the US Weekly wants, and that's more headlines questioning whether Jordan is sincere in his love or simply looking for a sliver of the fame that bathes his big brother on a daily basis.

And yes, Jordan was asked one last time about Aaron. This came in the third -- third! -- hour of Bachelorette programming, a fact for which I will never, ever, forgive the American Broadcasting Company.

"Anything with my family JoJo's been a part of my family and any conversations we've had about that," Jordan told host Chris Harrison during the *After The Final Rose *postgame show. "Moving forward are with us and about us and we're excited about starting that journey with our families and I'll be in Dallas closer to her family so we're ready for that."

You're probably thinking I transcribed poorly there, but that was his actual, largely incomprehensible answer. A veritable Rubik's Cube of the English language. Undaunted, Harrison pivoted to JoJo, asking the show's star if she'd yet been introduced to Aaron, who said last week that he hadn't watched a second of the show.

"No, it's the same situation it's been, but it's not the focus for us right now," JoJo said. "It's about us."

Oof. In all seriousness, the situation is super awkward and must really suck for all parties involved. Hopefully the brothers can patch it up. If not, I'd definitely watch a spin-off series where Jordan has to choose a new NFL superstar signal-caller to be his brother.

Jay Cutler would be the Chad character. Obviously.

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