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John Harbaugh thought Steelers had beaten Patriots

Those of us who don't sit on the Throne of Ease are still attempting to process how the Patriots managed to win on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

New England certainly looked cooked after Jesse James crossed the goal line with the ball firmly in his grasp late in the fourth quarter, an apparent touchdown that moved the Steelers ahead of the Pats in The Game Of The Year.

Minutes later, almost all of us learned that the arcane Catch Rule had wiped away James' heroics, a twist of fate that set the stage for Ben Roethlisberger's game-deciding interception. I say almost because one notable group was not plugged in on the game's surreal conclusion. That would be the Baltimore Ravens, whose team plane was on the tarmac when the feed for the game cut out right after James' dove into the end zone.

"When I got off the plane, I thought Pittsburgh had won," said Ravens coach John Harbaugh, according to "It looked like it was a catch."

Harbaugh didn't find out how the game really ended until he was in his car on the way home. The Ravens and Steelers are bitter rivals, of course, so it's not difficult to guess where the team's rooting interests resided during the flight back from Cleveland.

"It was like being in your basement, like being in your man cave with all your best friends," Harbaugh said. "Most of us, you probably know who we're rooting against. But that's just human nature."

"It's just crazy. The NFL, that's why people love it. We were in one of those games a week before. So, we know how it goes."

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