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John Elway wants you to know he has zero regrets

Like the inverse of our President Elect, John Elway picks his spots on Twitter.

The Broncos general manager has tweeted just five times since September. Before Monday, he'd announced two contract extensions, sent love to the late Arnold Palmer and plugged a Twitter broadcast of a Broncos game. A vicious troll job was in the mix somewhere as well.

After Denver's bitter loss to the Chiefs on Sunday night, Elway felt compelled to defend Gary Kubiak's decision to send kicker Brandon McManus on the field for a 62-yard field-goal attempt late in overtime.

McManus' kick wasn't close and the resulting field-position swing set the table for a huge Kansas City victory.

This was one of our favorite coaching conundrums in recent memory. The Broncos essentially had three options: 1) Attempt a forever field goal 2) Go for it on fourth-and-10 or 3) punt the ball and basically concede a tie. It took some onions to settle on the first choice, and Elway's tweet was his way of making sure everybody knew there was no second-guessing behind the scenes.

For fun, try to imagine John Elway yelling this tweet at the top his lungs to no one in particular. Whenever you go three exclamation points -- the ol' triple slammer -- you know that individual is pumped up. John's coffee intake must be off the charts.

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