Joe Thomas feels for 'suckers' attending combine

You have to admire Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, a man who has been trapped in football Siberia for his entire career and has come out of it with his spirit and sense of humor fully intact.

Thomas is a must-follow on Twitter, and on Monday he offered up some spicy takes on the NFL Scouting Combine, which begins later this week in Indianapolis.

Thomas knows the process well. He attended the combine in 2007 and obviously did well for himself, becoming the No. 3 overall pick by Cleveland a month later. Thomas isn't alone in his criticism of the combine, but it carries more weight when it comes from one of the most respected and decorated players in the league.

If there's one positive that comes out of the event, it's finding out about some of the weird questions that teams ask prospects. Thomas offered up some fun memories.

I can't believe the cat or dog thing is a question. The answer is simple: Teams, one can safely surmise, are looking for ANGRY DOGS WHO WANT TO GET THAT BONE and not DUMB CATS WHO LAY AROUND ALL DAY AND POOP IN A BOX. Thomas got it.

Thomas was justifiably more flummoxed on how to correctly answer the "gift horse" question.

Deft JaMarcus Russell subtweet there. I love Joe Thomas.

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