Jets appear to show mercy on lead-blocking Brady

There aren't many players in the NFL who engender more respect than Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The Jets' defense seemed to prove as much Sunday at the Meadowlands.

Below you'll find a fun, fairly unremarkable carry by LeGarrette Blount in the first quarter of Sunday's matchup between two AFC East rivals. Blount picks up 10 yards on the rush, but pay special attention to Brady on the play:

The army of Jets defenders around the ball either a) fail to realize they have a golden opportunity to lay a crushing, legal shot on Brady or b) have so much respect for the man that they let him be. The Jets showed Brady the type of benevolence that defenders once allowed Joe Namath near the end of his career. Life's cyclical, ya see?

Meanwhile, you can assume Jets fans watching at home were less than thrilled with New York's grand act of mercy. In fact, my Twitter feed confirms it.

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