Jerry Jones: Some comments meant 'to create debate'

If it feels like there's been some unnecessary flip-flopping coming out of Big D this season on the subject of the quarterback decision, well, it's actually by design.

That according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who said Tuesday that some of his comments to the media are primarily made "to create debate."

"There's a whole lot of me that wants to involve as much as I can for competitive reasons, information about our team," Jones said on KRLD-FM in Dallas (via The Dallas Morning News). "I've always wanted to put as much out there as I can. I think Tex Schramm actually had that attitude before I became a Cowboy. He was brilliant at it. When I got here, we were the first team to ever put a camera in the draft room."

"I'm very much into putting interesting things, at least things I think are interesting and could be interesting to other people, [out there]. This falls in that category. I might give it a little extra twist one way or the other, but I do that naturally."

This feels like a half-truth from Jerrah. I'm sure the owner/GM believes putting as much as possible out there could potentially act as interference for the opposition, even if Bill Belichick and the Patriots have proven for 15 years that taking the exact opposite approach works just fine.

But what Jones doesn't cop to here is that he loves that the Cowboys are -- once again -- the biggest thing going in the NFL. National coverage of the 12-2 team has reached a saturation point ... and that's an incredible branding tool.

It also fills Skip Bayless with Debate Fuel at 3 a.m. as he stares at his front door from the inside and waits for his work day to begin.

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