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Jeff Fisher encounters severe challenge issues

The Los Angeles Rams need to work on their challenge game.

Jeff Fisher threw his red flag twice in the second half of Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. In both cases, the challenge was a clear incompletion that didn't stand a prayer of being reversed.

Here's the first challenge, on a deep ball from Case Keenum to Tavon Austin in the third quarter. Just because you really want it to be complete doesn't mean you deserve a catch, Jeff.

In the fourth quarter, Keenum targeted Brian Quick on a pass deep down the far sideline. Quick couldn't bring it in cleanly and the ball hit the ground before Quick pins the ball between his legs. Multiple angles confirmed Quick didn't catch the ball, but out came the red flag anyway.

The challenges cost the Rams two timeouts in what was a one-score game throughout the second half, although the Rams came up with the 17-13 win. Fisher clearly was the recipient of some bad intel in his headset, and perhaps the solution is a new person making these decisions. The Rams went on to win the game anyway, but even Fisher would admit faulty red flags are some 7-9 bulls---.

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