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Jay Cutler on much-dissected 'Wildcat' effort: Nailed it

In terms of high comedy, nothing in Week 4 came close to the image of Jay Cutler split out wide in the Wildcat. Let's all take a second to reminisce and smile:

On the surface, the ever-substantial Cutler Don't Care contingent appeared to have a Smokin' Jay smoking gun. If you want to give Cutler the benefit of the doubt, his posture can be charitably explained as a case of when keeping it real goes wrong. Everyone knows the quarterback won't be asked to handle the ball -- or, gasp, block -- in this scenario, especially when the quarterback is a 12-year veteran not known for dynamic feats of athleticism. Cutler's only crime was not insulting the opposition's intelligence.

And if Cutler was annoyed that football fans had fun with his body language at Wembley Stadium, well, he's certainly not showing it.

There's no way to tell how much longer we'll have Jay Cutler in our lives. Enjoy every moment.

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