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Jay Cutler has Jay Cutler-like reaction to Bennett barbs

Michael and Martellus Bennett don't think highly of Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler doesn't seem to care. This is a very Jay Cutler reaction.

We learned of this Bennett-on-Cutler disdain thanks to an ESPN The Magazine profile on the brothers that went viral on Wednesday. Michael Bennett, a defensive end with the Seahawks, called Cutler the "worst quarterback in the NFL." Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett, who spent the last three seasons playing with Cutler in Chicago, added, "I'd be open and he'd throw into double coverage."

Predictably, Cutler was asked about the comments after he came off the practice field at Bears training camp on Wednesday.

"Most receivers and tight ends (think they) are always open," Cutler said of Martellus, according to the Chicago Tribune. "Hopefully Tom (Brady) can do a better job of finding him than I did."

Cutler didn't directly address his unflattering placement in Michael Bennett's QB power rankings, but he was asked why his name has a tendency to come up with former teammates -- often in a negative context.

Cutler wasn't biting.

"I could say something clever and smart," he replied, "but I'll just pass."

This isn't the most popular sentiment, but Jay Cutler gets a bad rap. OK, so he kind of has a punchable face, but he seems pretty chill on his wife's Instagram and he's far from the worst quarterback in football. Let's channel all this undue hatred toward ISIS.

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