James Harrison remains a wildly intense human

I like that James Harrison is really starting to lean into this "Being James Harrison" thing.

You ask the man a question and he is going to answer it. You may not like it, it may even scare you ... but you won't be left uninformed.

Care for an example? Hey James Harrison, why do you workout in a full sweatsuit?

Says Harrison: "They be asking me questions about why I wear a sweatsuit to work out. The whole reason I wear a sweatsuit to work out is so they can't see my arms. I don't want to discourage people from coming in here to work out just because my arms are so damn big. That's why I wear a sweat suit."

We believe him, by the way. Harrison takes his body places other players wouldn't dare. An all-time Hard Knocks moment captures Harrison at one of his regular acupuncture treatments, where he has 300 needles put in his body -- an unheard of amount. Remarks his acupuncturist: "And he's bending my needles because he's so dense."

James Harrison is not of this world.

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