Is this purgatory? Super Bowl nights are unpredictable

Listen, I'm not here to say you shouldn't propose to your girlfriend on the stage of a Super Bowl party, I'm just saying I'm surprised it happened.

That moment -- with Jenny McCarthy a few feet away from Tony and Amanda, by the way -- nicely summed up the fun randomness of the Leather & Laces party, held at Hughes Manor in Houston two days before Super Bowl LI. At one point in the evening, the following things were happening at the same time: 1) A woman in a wedding dress swayed back and forth 20 feet above the dance floor 2) Donnie Wahlberg was doing Donnie Wahlberg things 3) A guy was playing drums along with the DJ 4) A man was painting a full portrait of Muhammad Ali.

No embellishments here:

A thought-provoking question from one Instagram follower: "Are you in Purgatory?"

Oh, there was also a 9-foot-tall "Super Bowl Robot" walking around dancing with girls. I feel like I'm the real-life Linda Hamilton from T2: Judgment Day. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I'm the only one who can see the future destruction the machines will bring.

So yeah, this was a solid Super Bowl party -- and despite a roped-off bottle service area and the obligatory V.I.P. section (a given at these events) -- every guest had access to an open bar. As I touched on yesterday, if you are hosting your Super Bowl party in the three days leading up to the game and you have a cash bar, you are an emotional and financial terrorist.

The recipe for a good Super Bowl party isn't that complicated, really. Good music, energetic crowd, free booze. Go 3-for-3 there -- which Leather & Laces pulled off on Friday night -- and you can even withstand Donnie Wahlberg yelling into a microphone things like this:

"If you're not a Patriots fan, you're just jealous you aren't a Patriots fan!"

Wahlberg, I gotta feeling your whole family is going down. But that will have to wait until Sunday.

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