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Irvin left locker room at Super Bowl to watch MJ

Lady Gaga is four days away from taking the stage for the halftime show of Super Bowl LI. It's unlikely that players from the Falcons and Patriots will take in any of her performance, but if any do, it won't be an unprecedented move.

During a Wednesday appearance on The Rich Eisen Show from Houston, Hall of Fame wide receiver and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin admitted that he ducked out of the Cowboys locker room during Super Bowl XXVII in 1993 to catch Michael Jackson's halftime show.

The Cowboys had an 18-point lead over the Bills as the King of Pop took the stage at the Rose Bowl for a performance that would later serve as a blueprint for what the modern Super Bowl halftime shows would look and feel like.

I'm not surprised that Irvin and other Cowboys -- wholly confident the Bills were already beaten (and indeed they were as the 52-17 final told us) -- would sneak out to catch MJ perform "Billie Jean." Frankly, I'm surprised Jimmy Johnson wasn't one of them.

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