Hightower on parade no-show: 'I've had enough cold'

Here's a hot take recently posited by my Around The NFL Podcast colleague Gregg Rosenthal: If Dont'a Hightower wasn't around, the Patriots would have three Super Bowl titles, not five.

The opinion checks out to us. Back in 2015, the Patriots linebacker made the clutch goal line tackle of a surging Marshawn Lynch that set up Malcolm Butler's interception in Super Bowl XLIX. On Sunday in Super Bowl LI, his sack of Matt Ryan caused the fumble and turnover that set New England's historic comeback into motion against the Falcons.

So yeah, one can make the argument that Hightower should have received The Tom Brady Treatment at Tuesday's victory parade in Boston. This entails his own float, a key to the city and access to the finest meats and cheeses from the city's North End. And perhaps he would have -- if Hightower showed up for the festivities.

Hightower doesn't plan on attending any potential Patriots trip to the White House, either. Which I'm sure is fine for the Patriots, so long as he keeps showing up on Sundays to make plays like this:

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