Harry Kane's penalty kick miss warrants NFL attention

Let's talk about soccer, or as I like to call it, Almost Everyone Else's Football.

Harry Kane is a talented striker for the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. The former Golden Boot winner knows how to bang the pellet into the screen (I made this phrase up to fit in, just play along) and one can imagine his teammates are extremely confident when he approaches the ball in a penalty kick situation.

On Wednesday, things went sideways. Or, more accurately, up.

Tottenham went on to win anyway, and Kane made an NFL funny on Twitter.

A thought: Adam Vinatieri turned 44 today. He's living proof you can thrive at this position well into middle age. Why couldn't a soccer star -- let's use Kane in this hypothetical -- retire from the game around 35, then turn all his efforts toward becoming an NFL place kicker?

Would success be that implausible? If nothing else, we'd get a potentially solid 30 for 30 out of it. Think about it, Harry.

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