'Hard Knocks' star gets sent packing by Texans

Bad news for a respected member of the Hard Knocks alumni.

The Texans placed cornerback Charles James on waivers Monday, effectively ending his second tenure with the team. James replaced an injured Jonathan Joseph in Sunday's loss to the Packers and allowed a deep touchdown pass after he slipped on the snowy turf at Lambeau Field.

Seems like a harsh punishment.

If you're a Hard Knocks fan, this is a bummer. Back in the summer of 2015, James was a breakout star of the HBO documentary series' 10th season. He became known for the flashy socks he wore and impressed Bill O'Brien with his ability to make plays in all phases of the game.

Here he is talking smack to Odell Beckham Jr. during a game of Madden:

Here's James telling Texans GM Rick Smith to take his symbolic sock purchase and shove it (in the nicest way possible):

And finally, here's James' long touchdown run (negated by penalty) against the Saints:

I always loved the image of a beaming James walking to the team bus with the football tucked under his arm, not caring in the least that a) the score came in a preseason game and b) the play didn't even count.

This set the stage for the funniest moment of the season. James -- shown in slow-mo -- flashes the game ball to O'Brien, who gives his player the finger and signals a holding penalty.

Charles James is a force for good. Somebody give the man a job.

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