'Hard Knocks' snippets provide glimpse at Rams life

The Rams have returned to Los Angeles and Hard Knocks is there to document the transition.

The 11th season of the groundbreaking HBO series doesn't premiere until next Tuesday, but NFL Films has been using the league's official Twitter account to drop some morsels of behind-the-scenes goodness, all of which have been collected below for your perusal.

Austin could have used his scooter when he was carted off the practice field with cramps on Sunday. Summer practice is hard!

There are always rookies that serve as narrative drivers for a Hard Knocks season. Charismatic fourth-round wideout Pharoh Cooper has the look, doesn't he?

Rams veteran center Eric Kush is another personality to watch. Although it would be amazing if he just repeatedly uttered, "Training camp ... woo" with an awkward finger point for the duration of camp.

Trumaine Johnson offers a tour of camp living space. Nice of the roommate to bring the Gatorade, but why put the case on the floor next to the refrigerator? Feels like a subtle internal power play.

Finally, a trip to famed Muscle Beach in Venice. This scene neatly illustrates some different types of bodies that are superior to yours and mine.

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