Gruden: Locker rooms aren't always 'Happy Doo Lah'

Giants linebacker Keenan Robinson spent his last four seasons with the Redskins. Like a grizzled metro detective, Robinson saw some stuff in his time there. Not all of it was pretty.

"Once they get down, they start pointing fingers, and that's true," Robinson said, via The Washington Post. "That's what happens. ... They may be handling it different now. But when I was there they started pointing fingers, people started talking. That's how you get dissension in the locker room."

Redskins coach Jay Gruden has enough to deal with these days, what with his quarterback taking friendly fire and the prospect of his star cornerback engaging in another Hell in a Cell match with Odell Beckham in a few days.

The opinions of a middling linebacker aren't high on his list of concerns.

"We're all competitors. Nobody likes to lose," Gruden said Wednesday, via USA Today. "So there's going to be some grumblings. I can't make 63 guys and 28 coaches happy every day. We're not all going to be smiling, singing 'Happy Doo Lah' or whatever the heck the song it is. ... We're going to have some upset people.

"We're not happy, but we're going to keep working, keep grinding, and if we have a group of guys that aren't blaming each other, we will be better."

Also low on Gruden's priority list: Properly name-checking icon Disney songs of yore. If you're not happy with your fantasy team name, Happy Doo Lah is out there. Just sayin'.

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