Gronk, Thomas share Twitter bro-hug over 'The Hit'

Had ESPN not spiked its "YOU GOT JACK'D UP!" segment by now -- where have you gone, Tom Jackson? -- there surely would've been a 30-minute special dedicated solely to the hit Seahawks safety Earl Thomas laid on Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on Sunday night.

In case you missed it:

After the game, Gronk acknowledged it was one of the hardest hits he'd ever taken in his career. A day later, it was revealed that Gronkowski had suffered a perforated lung during the game. The legend grew.

The play added another level to the fascinating dynamic between the Pats and Seahawks, but don't expect it to leave any bad blood, as evidenced by a Tuesday night Twitter exchange between the two men.

If Gronk and Earl Thomas can move past their shared trauma, so, too, can America. If I can change ... and you can change ... everybody can change!

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