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Gronk: I don't care about your fantasy team, baby

Rob Gronkowski has one catch for 11 yards through four games this season. This is not what fantasy owners thought they were signing up for when they used a first- or second-round pick on the Patriots' star tight end.

A bum hamstring is the primary cause for this huge dip in production, but that type of "logical explanation" doesn't sit well with fantasy owners who DEMAND PRODUCTION ON PAR WITH PAST SEASONAL PERFORMANCE.

"I can't even go to the grocery store without getting yelled at," Gronk told reporters on Wednesday. "But I'm like, 'Why did you draft me then, baby?' "

(I like the idea of Gronk referring to Sully from the local packie as "Baby".)

Even real football players are struggling with Gronk's earthbound stats at the season's quarter point. Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe took a break from mass-processing fine wine to express his frustration.

Yeah but seriously though, Gronk doesn't care about your fantasy team, which probably sucks anyway.

"Oh man. I mean, it's real football. That's what I'm really only worried about is going out there and getting the W. If we get the W and I have no catches, I'm satisfied, man, no matter what."

Maybe it's time to think about someone other than yourself, Gronk. Like, for instance, Jeff from third-floor accounting.

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