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Gronk goes full-Gronk in a very strange music video

I don't know who's making Rob Gronkowski's business decisions. Perhaps they aren't really "decisions" at all, but rather, "Hey Gronk do you want to ..." followed immediately by "OK, SURE."

That said, none of these questionable career choices seem to slow the Patriots star down much. Gronk Cruise went off without any debilitating lawsuits (that we know of). His cameo in a sorry direct-to-cable affair came and went without anyone noticing but snarky bloggers like me. His professional wrestling flirtations haven't been shut down by the Patriots ... yet.

Now, Gronk has dipped his toe in the music video realm. Set to the beat of popular Vegas DJ 3LAU, Gronk portrays a clubber with attention-deficit disorder who daydreams about scantily clad women, sports cars, car washes, bounce houses, and, oddly, sushi dinners in which he is the main course. Also, that Mojo Rawley guy from WWE shows up again. Those guys are Stepbrothers close.

A general disclaimer here: This video features women in bikinis and whatnot. It's not completely safe for work. I don't believe to be something that lands you in a high-octane HR meeting either, but I'm also not intimately familiar with the practices of your employer. But again, it's really not that bad. Well, the video is pretty bad, but the content ... you know what, just watch (or don't).

"3LAU played 'On My Mind' for me a couple days before the Super Bowl in Houston and asked if I wanted to be in the music video," Gronkowski said in a statement. "It ended up being a lot of fun to shoot and what makes it even better is that the money from the song is being donated. It's great when you can give back while still trying something new and having an unbelievable time."

The Chicago Tribune reported that the proceeds will benefit the American Civil Liberties Union. A fine cause, no doubt, though one must wonder what kind of proceeds we're talking about here.

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