Gronk fails to get 'Monster Girl' to say favorite number

It's no secret that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is a huge fan of the number 69. Remember, this is the same man who received a prideful message from his own mother after he scored his 69th career touchdown last year.

And while we've yet to reach the official start of the 2017 Summer of Gronk, the big galoot already looks to be in fighting shape. Over the weekend, Gronkowski served as a sideline (sidetrack?) analyst at the Daytona 500, where he found himself with a gaggle of attractive women connected to the Monster Energy drink brand.

Said Gronk: "What's up! We got another Monster Energy Girl right here! We got Ashley. I did a photoshoot with her. She's the best! Hey, Ashley, what's your favorite speed limit out there? I hope it's somewhere around 70 or something. What is it?"

C'mon, Ash. Don't let Gronk down. He needs this. You did a photoshoot together ...

That was not the answer our gregarious friend was looking for. You can hear the hurt in his voice.

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