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Goodbye Dirty Bird, hello Blank Boogie

These are high times for Arthur Blank, a man currently living the dream as an NFL owner. This season, his Falcons emerged out of nowhere to earn a trip to the Super Bowl. Next season, his shiny new stadium will open for business. This is pretty much the ultimate owner 1-2 punch of glory.

After last week's win over the Seahawks, Blank boogied in the locker room. I say boogie because it was the textbook definition of how to boogie. There is no need to debate this. It was the Blank Boogie.

On Sunday, after the Falcons had vanquished the Packers to punch their first Super Bowl ticket in 19 years, Blank took his dance moves to the midfield riser.

I still like what he does with his hands. Meanwhile, Blank is showing appreciation for his employees with a grand (and expensive) gesture.

Now everybody's doing the Blank Boogie! I'm going to make this a thing. I won't stop until it is.

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