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Golden Tate pays tribute to Megatron for Halloween

Just as the Seahawkshaven't forgotten about Marshawn Lynch, the Lions still have Calvin Johnson in their thoughts.

For evidence, check out the costume chosen by current Lions wide receiver Golden Tate, who dressed as Megatron the Dancing With The Starts contestant for the annual Lions Halloween party on Monday night. That's Tate's fiancée, Elise Pollard, in the role of dance partner.

Want to see some more players in costume? Yeah, you do.

Sandlot-inspired get-ups are always popular amongst the twentysomething crowd. Here's Matthew Stafford with wife Kelly as Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez and "Squints" Palledorous.

Christian and Sam Ponder went down the same '90s nostalgia rabbit hole a few years ago. Wendy Peffercorn alert.

Here's Darius Slay and his fiancée, Jennifer Williams, doing their best Russell Wilson and Ciara. Why does everybody look so awkward in the Batman mask? I'm not even sure Christian Bale pulled it off.

But for originality, we'll give the Lions Halloween Party championship belt to Marvin Jones and wife, Jazmyn, for their celebration of the Día de los Muertos. Congrats, guys.

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