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Gilmore on Bills fans' hate: 'Guess you hate winners'

On second thought, maybe there is some bad blood between Stephon Gilmore and the Bills.

Two weeks ago, we told you about the Buffalo sports anchor who took what seemed like an innocuous tweet about Gilmore's excitement to play on national television with the Patriots and turned it into an unholy flame job on the former Buffalo first-round pick.

Essentially, I gave Gilmore the benefit of the doubt in that case. But I'm not so sure about Gilmore's headspace on his old team after seeing the following quote pop up on my Twitter feed on Thursday:

Oh. Well. Interesting.

Perhaps the quote was taken out of context. Maybe Gilmore was joking. But let's assume for now he wasn't. There was a more diplomatic way to go about the situation. Here's one example:

"Guys, you have to understand the people of Western New York love their Bills. I was there five years and the passion of that region is unmatched in my opinion. Unfortunately, we didn't have much success against Patriots when I was there. And that's where the frustration comes from. Buffalo just wants a winner."

Gilmore went down a very different road. Bills Mafia gave it Gilmore pretty good after his tweet about TV time and (checking now) yep, he's getting some heat over this, too. You can now pretty much guarantee he will be Public Enemy No. 1 when the Pats travel to Orchard Park in Week 13.

If Sammy Watkins toasts Gilmore for a key touchdown it's possible New Era Stadium will shake to the ground.

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