Garrett among walking wounded after Cowboys' win

Jason Witten's touchdown catch in overtime touched off a big Cowboys celebration on Sunday night. It was good, clean fun for America's Team, but it didn't come without a casualty.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett took a shot to the face in all the excitement. "Right here. Not here ... or here so much. But right here."

Garrett was no worse for the wear when he met with the media on Monday. Being in first place can do wonders for the body it seems.

"I think I got it from Witten," Garrett explained of the facial abrasion. "We all got excited after he scored that touchdown. We were all running around out there and I gave him a big hug and I forgot that and I got it from the side of his helmet."

When asked how he was feeling, Garrett replied, "I'm fine, are you kidding me?"

Of course he's fine! If the Cowboys didn't launch that comeback in the fourth quarter, Garrett knew he was guaranteed to get 35,000 Tony Romo related questions for the next five days.

Garrett will trade a bump to the head to dodge that bullet every single time.

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