Frank Gore rides rollercoaster to break Colts' streak

The Indianapolis Colts hadn't had a 100-yard rusher in almost four years. On Sunday, that insane streak ended in appropriately absurd form.

Frank Gore's 20th carry of Sunday night's game against the Texans resulted in a two-yard gain to put him at an even 100. It was the Colts' first individual 100-yard rushing game since Week 15 of the 2012 season, a span of 55 games. The most annoyingly repeated stat since 2014's "DID YOU KNOW THE CHIEFS DIDN'T HAVE A WIDE RECEIVER WITH A TOUCHDOWN THIS SEASON?" was caput.

Until it wasn't. Later in that same drive, after a false start penalty and sack, Andrew Luck took a third-and-20 snap and handed it to poor Frank Gore, who was swarmed over for a loss of one yard. Back to 99 yards for the night!

The scenario played out in tragicomedy form over on the Colts' Twitter feed.

And so began the game within the game. The Colts quickly gagged away the rest of their 14-point lead on the ensuing Texans drive, and Gore didn't see the field in Indy's final drive of regulation.

But when the game went to overtime, Gore got his reprieve. On second-and-3 from the Colts 33, Gore went off right tackle for a 7-yard gain. It would be his final carry of the game. Final tally: 22 carries for 106 yards. He did it.

The Colts lost the war, but they did win this battle.

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