FOX still pasting Sam Bradford's head on other humans

I'm convinced the FOX graphics team is running a social experiment.

Last month, eagle-eyed friend of the End Around Will Brinson noticed that FOX had photoshopped Sam Bradford's head onto Teddy Bridgewater's body in a promo for the network's Week 7 coverage slate. It looked bad and stupid and everyone laughed. Even the Vikingsgot in on the ribbing.

FOX would never make the same mistake again, right? Right?!?

Another Twitter human provided photographic evidence that seemed to confirm the claim that it was Bradford's head on another human body.

The Vikings, like the rest of us, were baffled.

I don't know why this fascinates me so much, but it does. I've reached out to someone within NFL Network to find out if this photoshop business is common practice, and if so, why. After all, there's hardly a dearth of media coverage for a standard NFL game -- photographic options should be plentiful. I don't get it.

Anyway, stay tuned. A suggestion: Continually refresh this page for the next one-to-six hours.

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