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Fournette turns trophies into weight set for school

Question: How many trophies did you get as a kid?

I want you to really think about it. Start with the earliest days of tee ball straight through your high school and college years. Chorus recitals? Do it. Cheerleading competitions? Of course. Beer league softball? Go ahead. Karaoke titles? You deserve it.

Where'd you land? Eight? Twelve? Twenty? Zero? God, I hope you didn't get shut out.

Let's settle on between four and 20 trophies for most folk. Leonard Fournette is not most people. The Jaguars' rookie running back was the best at what he did from the first time he had a football in his hands. It's likely he was the best at what he did in any sport in which he participated. High school coaches in the 7th Ward of New Orleans must speak of Fournette in hushed tones.

The result of his prodigious physical gifts? Lots and lots of success. And lots and lots of trophies. A massive collection of trophies. Seven hundred trophies. As in 7-0-0. We are all insignificant in his light.

Fournette is not one to dwell on past glories, however. We know this because he partnered with nutritional supplements company MET-Rx on a very unusual idea: Melting down each one of those trophies and turning them into a set of weights for a local Jacksonville high school. Here's a video outlining the process (h/t Big Cat Country):

It makes my head hurt just thinking about how this is possible, but props to Fournette for getting involved with his new community in a thoughtful and unique way. And unique is the right word here: It's hard to imagine another set of weights -- anywhere on Terra Firma -- comprised of trophy dust and other composite parts. Pretty cool.

UPDATE: OK, turns out they weren't all Fournette's trophies. But once can assume he has a lot. Let's assume between four and 20 of them.

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