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Folk on Bucs kicker competition: I have a family to feed

There's a fascinating (to me, anyway) subplot simmering in Tampa right now and it centers on a position not known for reality-TV level drama.

Yep, we're talkin' kicker stuff. More specifically, the upcoming summer competition between draft pariah Roberto Aguayo and veteran Nick Folk, signed by the Buccaneers last week.

You probably know the background here, but a quick refresher: The Bucs traded up to pick Aguayo in the second round of the 2016 draft, an audacious move that only makes sense if Aguayo becomes a Pro Bowl-level kicker. He was pretty much the opposite of that as a rookie, prompting the team to swallow its pride and bring in another option ahead of Year 2.

Folk has enjoyed a very solid career, fresh off a seven-year run with the Jets where he became the most accurate kicker in franchise history. In a radio spot this week, Folk made it clear he (wait for it) didn't come here to make friends.

"I can hopefully get (Aguayo) going a little bit in the NFL world," Folk told WDAE-AM, via "I had a great guy to learn from in Martin (Gramatica) my rookie year. I kind of picked things off of him just sitting and watching. I mean, hopefully, I can show (Aguayo) a few things, not too many, because I have a family to feed."

YES. GAUNTLET THROWN DOWN. Props to Folk, who isn't hiding his ambition here: He is a place-kicking terminator brought here to end Aguayo's Bucs career before it ever really started.

All we need now is for Robbie to clap back at a charity golf event or something and we ... are ... flying.

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