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Fisher's mom unhappy with 'Hard Knocks' language

The pressure is on Jeff Fisher, who can't go 7-9 forever. Now he's getting some heat from back home.

The Rams coach used some salty language in the premiere episode of Hard Knocks on Tuesday, prompting a phone call from his mother the next day.

"I got one of these yesterday, 'Jeffrey!'" Fisher said Thursday, according to "This is from Mom. So I said, 'Sorry, Mom. That's our world. I'll try to do better.'"

"When I hear 'Jeffrey!' It's uh-oh. Something went wrong."

Fisher made the biggest splash of Tuesday's premiere, giving an impassioned speech to his team before their second practice of training camp. Tavon Austin left the first practice with cramps (he'd eaten just two bananas for lunch) and wide receiver Deon Long was released for having a woman in his dorm room, a strict no-no.

"Little things are important, you follow me?" Fisher said. "I am not f---ing going 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7, OK? Or 10-6 for that matter. This team is too talented. I am not going to settle for that, OK? I know what I am doing. We had some 7-9 bulls--- this morning. Now, Deon's gone. That is 7-9 bulls---. We don't need it."

Moms don't like Hard Knocks. Back in 2010, Rex Ryan's mother called out the former Jets coach for his incessant use of the f-bomb. Sometimes, moms just don't understand.

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