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Find the Browns fan in your life and give them a hug

Just quit it.

You've made your point, Football Gods. We get it. You hate the Browns.

Frankly, we're in overkill territory now. We've been there for some time, in fact. But now it's just getting ridiculous. Here's a quick recap of the last 15 days in Cleveland:

None of that is made up. All that bad stuff happened to the Browns. There was more stuff, too, like promising third-round pick Carl Nassib breaking his hand, Cameron Erving being raced to a hospital with a bruised lung and, oh yeah, the Browns blowing a 20-point lead in a loss to the Ravens, the two-time Super Bowl champion franchise who used to be the Browns.

This has gone too far. Remember when Ed Norton pulverized Jared Leto's face in Fight Club and when Brad Pitt asked Norton why he did it, he replied, "I felt like destroying something beautiful"? That's pretty much what's happening now, only the Browns weren't attractive before the latest savage beating. Even Jared Leto in Fight Club has it better than the Browns, and that dude had his face punched off.

Colleague and Browns fan Conor Orr put it well when he posited that the Football Gods "might have gone over the edge" with the Coleman injury. Minutes earlier, Marc Sessler, another colleague and Browns fan, adopted an understandably nihilistic world view.

If you know a Browns fan, call them tonight. Tell them that you're thinking of them. Tell them it's all going to be OK. Even if you both know that may not be the case.

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