File under Weird '80s Stuff: John Elway in a bathrobe

I work out of a cubicle tucked in the far northwest corner of the NFL Media newsroom. On my desk sits a television that is tuned to NFL Network pretty much all the time unless there's a televised police chase taking place in the greater Los Angeles area.

Sometimes I'm plugged into what's going on the TV. For example, if Doug Whaley is fielding a series of escalatingly aggressive questions from Western New York sports journalists, I'm in. If offensive linemen are practicing footwork technique at the Senior Bowl, eh, not so much. On Wednesday, on an otherwise slow afternoon in the early part of the offseason, I was working on my Super Bowl expense report when a figure flashed onto the screen that demanded my attention.

That flickering visage was John Elway, age 27, giving a somber postgame interview ... while wearing a terry cloth bathrobe.

So many questions. So, so, so many.

Did every player receive a Super Bowl XXII bathrobe? Was Elway instructed by team or league officials to wear this morning gown during his postgame media obligations? Was ABC sideline man Lynn Swann distracted by Elway's "deep V"? Were professional athletes walking around locker rooms in bathrobes on a regular basis during the Reagan administration? Did the winning Super Bowl team -- in this case most definitely not the Broncos -- receive nicer bathrobes? Why don't people wear bathrobes anymore? They're pretty great.

And then, and this perhaps isn't the most pressing question, but instead one that interests me ...

We'll update this post if Mr. Elway responds to the End Around's query.

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