Fan turns to Craigslist to fix Vikings' O-line problem

All is not well in Winter Park.

Two straight ugly losses have burned away much of the optimism connected to the Vikings' 5-0 start. Now the offensive coordinator has up and quit the team like a college kid at the campus Chipotle on the eve of spring break.

Much of the Vikings' recent struggles have been tied back to the offense -- Hey Norv! -- and, in particular, the offensive line. The unit has been plagued by injuries and ineffectiveness, and you don't have to be a football genius to figure out: Sam Bradford + Crappy Line = Doom. (Actually, Sam Bradford + (anything) = Doom applies as well, but society surprisingly overlooked this during Minnesota's hot start.)

I digress. The Vikings need serious help on their line and the trade deadline came and went without a move. Options are scant, leaving one desperate Vikings fan to go down another path.

I suppose it's possible a pro football team could unearth a passable blocker on a classified advertisements website. It's also possible you end up signing someone who stashes human heads in their freezer. Never too early for Dateline producers to put their eyes on this situation.

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