Falcons are rolling, but hey, wasn't that a safety?

The Atlanta Falcons might be an unstoppable force, rendering any hot take about a single play moot and ponderous. And yet, we feel compelled to bring up one sequence that had a huge impact on the first half of Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

Didn't it look like Falcons cornerback Jalen Collins picked up the loose football and rolled himself into the end zone? And if so, shouldn't that be a safety or Atlanta ball at its own 1-yard line? Packers coach Mike McCarthy appeared to wonder the same thing moments later, but when FOX came back from break the Falcons had the ball on their own 20.

No doubt called to action by thousands of tweets being sent his way, NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino soon chimed in.

It took almost an hour, but someone associated with the FOX broadcast finally brought it up.

Which, OK, though one could make a case Collins possessed the ball before his leg came in contact with the goal line and purposely rolled himself into the endzone to avoid wretched field position. I'm just sayin'!

This is not something anyone outside Green Bay will lose sleep over, seeing as the Falcons went to half up 24-0. But 10-2 with a free kick coming your way is a lot different than 17-0.

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