Ex-Panthers stars revel in Dave Gettleman's dismissal

The Panthersfired Dave Gettleman on Monday, which was surprising and odd and leaves me very concerned about who will fill the void as the NFL general manager who can efficiently use "hog mollies" in a sentence.

Gettleman is a gruff and outgoing Boston guy who wasn't afraid to make unpopular decisions during his undeniably successful run in Charlotte. That type of approach can lead to some bad blood along the way, of course.

Which takes us to a trio of former Carolina Panthers veterans who couldn't wait to chime in on Gettleman's dismissal. We'll start with Josh Norman, the star cornerback who was less than thrilled when the Pantherspulled his franchise tag designation last year. He ended up getting a fat deal with the Redskins, but didn't hide it had been his preference to remain in Carolina.

Norman went with the ol' subtweet when the Gettleman news came down.

Then there's NFL Network's own Steve Smith, who never got over the Panthers' decision to cut him loose before the 2014 season. You might remember Smith's warning about his first game against Carolina as a member of the Baltimore Ravens: "Put your goggles on, 'cause there's going to be blood and guts everywhere."

Anyway, Steve's having some fun today.

Internet people liked it.

Finally, let's check in with free-agent running back and pro wrestling upstartDeAngelo Williams, who told ESPN's Adam Schefter last week that the Panthers were one of the four teams he would not play for due to the unpleasant nature of his departure from the team. "You don't go back to exes, and that's just where I'm at there," he said.

How about now?

Damn. I think this type of stuff should happen in all offices, not just the sports world. "Hey, did you see what Tina from accounts payable tweeted about Ted from logistics getting laid off today? Savage!"

UPDATE:Mike Tolbert decided to join in on the Gettleman inspired commentary:

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