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Eli Manning dancing is exactly how you'd imagine it

I spent a portion of my Friday afternoon arguing with strangers on the internet about Eli Manning's Hall of Fame candidacy.

My take: Two Super Bowl MVPs, both wins against the Patriots, never missed a start, stats that will put him in the top 10 of most relevant passing categories by the time he retires. Eli has never been a perfect quarterback, but he certainly was a very important one in his era. Add it all up and he's a Canton slam dunk ... for me anyway. And this is coming from a chemically sedated Jets fan.

Anyway, perhaps the End Around's clear soft spot for Big Blue's No. 10 has something to do with the fact that Manning is just so ... well ... he's just so Eli. I mean, look at this man dance!

The song blasting in the Giants locker room is "Take It To Da House" by Trick Daddy. It's a personal Eli fave.

"That's my jam, I just couldn't hold back," Manning explained to the New York Post. "I was just kind of messing around, saying, 'This is how I dance. I'm staying right here, this is as extreme as it gets.' Just kinda messing around with some of the guys. Not knowing ... I guess you got to assume you're being watched at all times."

Damn, that quote got a little dark in the end. Anyway, here's a hot take: Eli's not even the worst dancer here. Damon "Snacks" Harrison is kind of a mess. All in good fun though. All in good fun.

For the record: This is how you get down at training camp:

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